Venture Valuation


Valuation of a company can be a tough challenge in any circumstance, especially for young start-ups exposed to the unique risks that often come with entering new markets. Additionally, there are many factors that need to be considered in the evaluation process relevant to the specific industry and technology. There are many industry specific valuations methods, such as the risk-adjusted net present value (rNPV) which has become the gold standard for product valuations in biotechnology (Biotechs). Venture Valuation specializes in the valuation of companies and products. For over 14 years, we have conducted over 400 valuation projects. Our services are tailored and targeted at both investors and companies who are looking for professionals to evaluate and assess a business.

Services for investors

  • Easily monitor the progress of your investment portfolio
  • Give your shareholders the assurance of an independent assessment
  • Facilitate difficult negotiations with a third party valuation

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Services for companies

  • Identify the critical factors that define your company’s value
  • Prepare for negotiations with investors and licensing partners
  • Gain important insight into the value drivers behind your business model

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