Venture Valuation
How much is your company worth?

Understanding the complexities on how a company valuation is undertaken can make the difference between failure and success in your negotiations. We offer expert advice on how you can derive a valuation for your business. Click here for more information ››

Global Valuation Services


Company valuation

We value and prepare companies for negotiations who are seeking capital or for Merger and Acquisition (M & A) deals »

Product valuation

We calculate the value of products and patents using the rNPV model »

Portfolio valuation

We will assist and support you in the reporting and monitoring of your investment portfolios »


Finding and identifying suitable partners

We will help you identify possible business partners in the biotech, pharmaceutical or medical technology area »


Company assessment

We will aid and support you in identifying the key success factors of your business and assist with your business plan creation »


Valuation workshops

We conduct valuation workshops which can be tailored specifically to your needs »

Financing workshops

We organize and conduct workshops giving you Information on the ‘how’ and ‘where’ of attracting capital to your business »